Reseller Program: Empower Your IPTV Business

Join the Rocketstreams4K Reseller Program and empower your business with the ability to manage and grow your customer base. Experience the power of our top-notch 4K, UHD, FHD, and HD IPTV streams, all backed by robust and reliable servers. As the leading IPTV Reseller in the USA, Canada, and the UK, we offer sellers the opportunity to:

  • Create unique usernames for customers to access our content.
  • Manage subscriptions and monitor renewal dates.
  • Add Subsellers to boost your sales, if needed.
  • Access to unlimited Master Reseller Panels.

Why Choose Rocketstreams4K?

  • We are the primary supplier of IPTV services, offering you the chance to earn income from the comfort of your home. We provide comprehensive training and keep you updated with the latest server details. Our premium service offers substantial profit margins.

Our System Features

  • Our system is powered by 15 dedicated servers, each with a 20gbit capacity. We use advanced Streaming Engine Algorithms and have 10 Points of Presence (PoPs) server locations worldwide. Our dedicated admin team manages stream performance daily.

Understanding Our 3-Tier Reseller Program

  • You can purchase your account on our website and gain immediate access to your reseller account upon payment. Our reseller program is structured into three tiers:
Tier Connections Minimum Credits Abilities
Reseller Panel 1, 3, or 5 50 Create end client accounts and management them through our panel. Cannot create other sub-resellers.
Super Reseller Panel 1, 3, or 5 500 Can create and manage sub-Reseller Panel and manage end clients with custom DNS.
Master Reseller Panel 1,2,3,4,5 1000 Can create Super Reseller Panel and Reseller Panel and manage end clients with custom DNS. Can control which packages are added to Super Reseller and Reseller Panels in terms of content. White label custom.

Pricing Structure

  • Our pricing structure is as follows:
Purchase Price per Credit Total Cost
50 credits $5.25 $262.50 USD
100 credits $5.00 $500.00 USD
250 credits $4.50 $1125.00 USD
500 credits $4.25 $2125.00 USD
1000 credits $4.00 $4000.00 USD

Credit Usage Breakdown

  • Credits do not expire. For instance, a 12-month service would require an account to have 12 credits. Credit top-ups are automatically added to your account upon payment.
  • Our credit system is simple:
Duration 1 Connection (Account) 3 Connections (Accounts) 5 Connections (Accounts)
1 month 1 credit 2 credits 3 credits
3 months 3 credits 6 credits 9 credits
6 months 6 credits 12 credits 18 credits
12 months 12 credits 24 credits 36 credits


Ready to get started? Visit: for packages and prices. Your account will be automatically set up immediately after payment is completed.

Rocketstreams4K Reseller Program is more than just a business opportunity. It’s a chance to be part of a revolution in the IPTV industry, offering high-quality streams and comprehensive support. With our robust system and dedicated team, you’re not just selling IPTV services, you’re providing a premium viewing experience. Join us today and let’s redefine IPTV sales together. Visit: to get started.

– The RocketStreams4K Team 🚀

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